Hipmunk City Love: Hotels for Romance in the Heart of Florence

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The romantic city of Firenze holds relics and wonders of charming Tuscany just waiting to be discovered. Take a walk across elegant piazzas, famous statuary, and colorful doors that line the streets of Florence. This rich cultural city is full of traces of ancient Roman influence and Renaissance master artists. For evening walks along the Argo River, complete the romantic atmosphere with Florence hotels near Duomo and the city center.

Scenes of the Arno River from Hotel Ville sull’Arno

For the most spectacular sight of the Arno River just outside the window, try a stay at Hotel Ville sull’Arno. The hotel dates back to the 1500s and offers a cozy place to rest and relax at the spa located on-site. It’s situated down the river from the Old Roman Bridge or Ponte Vecchio for a walk or bike to major attractions.

Explore Alleyways and Streets from San Gallo Palace Hotel

Situated in the midst of quaint cobblestoned streets and historic structures, San Gallo Palace Hotel offers solitude in the city. What makes this spot so charming is that the bikes are free, and it’s only a short, leisurely ride to the Duomo, popular piazzas, and narrow alleyways lined with the elegant doors of Florence.

Enjoy Views of Campanile di Giotto from Brunelleschi Hotel

Window views overlook Campanile di Giotto and the Duomo from Brunelleschi Hotel. This boutique hotel was crafted out of a former Byzantine tower and a 6th century Church for the most unique place to rest in the heart of Florence. It’s just around the corner from restaurants, designer shopping boutiques, and the famous leather markets that commence in the streets.

Residence La Contessina for Renaissance Style

For a modern hotel, Residence La Contessina is reminiscent of Florence’s glory days during the Renaissance. That’s because the high arched ceilings complete a design of traditional artistic modes set with apartment-style amenities for added space and comfort. Enjoy homemade Italian pastries for breakfast before setting out for the old Renaissance wonders throughout the city center.

Wander Galleries of Renaissance Works from Residence Hilda

For a stay near the heart of the action, Residence Hilda provides an amazing location. It’s easy to reach Piazza della Signoria to see statues of prominent past figures of Florence from Donatello to Da Vinci. Stop by Accademia Gallery for the crowned jewel of the city — an illuminated 14-foot “perfect man” sculpted from marble — the masterpiece of Michelangelo’s “David.”

Relax with Scenes of the Duomo from Palazzo Ruspoli Hotel

For a taste of authentic Florentine hospitality and charm, stay in the city center at Palazzo Ruspoli Hotel. With a gorgeous style and elegant décor, this bed and breakfast couldn’t get much better! The room is cozy with warm, welcoming amenities to provide a relaxing atmosphere next to stunning scenes set with the towering Duomo.

For a romantic retreat into a city of Renaissance art and ancient origins, Firenze is sure to delight the sights and senses. Make the most of the artistic atmosphere with evening walks down cobblestone alleyways, and a stay near top attractions next to the Cathedral.

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