Hipmunk City Love: The Best Way to Wander Rome

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Rome is a city in which beauty follows wherever one goes. From the ancient Roman ruins to picturesque neighborhoods like the Trastevere, it’s full of eloquent places that speak to the sights and senses. A café in Roma is the perfect way to people watch, and dining at dinner is best done unhurriedly to appreciate the indulgence of traditional Italian hospitality. Stay awhile for a taste of Rome and maybe a little bit of delicious vino after dark.

Stay Next to Ancient Ruins and Architectural Sites of Rome

When traveling to Rome, it’s best to find a great base location to reach the ancient sites on foot. Even if only for a night, plan a stay near the ruins and architecture for a day of wandering each cobblestoned corner and stumbling upon the wonders of Rome. A stay next to the Pantheon promises daytime walks through the artworks, sculptures, and elegant structures at Piazza Navona and scenic streets by night lit by the waters of Trevi Fountain nearby. Not to mention, the metro station can be found next to Spanish Steps in this fashion forward district of Rome.

Wander the Arches of the Sacred Way to the Colosseum

Follow the Sacred Way (Via Sacra) to walk the Roman Triumph where soldiers paraded back into town upon returning from a victorious campaign. Along the Sacred Road, triumphal arches tower, a testament to the architectural skill of the age from the Arch of Tiberius and Septimius Severus at entrances to the Roman Forum to the Arch of Titus at the entrance of Palatine Hill and the Arch of Constantine in route to the Colosseum. It’s interesting to find that at the Colosseum gladiators fought only animals, and the entire amphitheater was once filled with water to stage naval battles.

Discover Masterpiece Works at the Vatican City

No trip to Rome is a complete without a stop into the Vatican City. The museums host endless exhibitions and galleries of Roman, Greek, and Egyptian art from statuary and mosaics to halls of old maps, tapestries, and paintings. Enter one of the largest churches in the world, Saint Peter’s Basilica, for a look at awe-inspiring architecture built from the finest granite and marble. Step inside the Sistine Chapel for the most amazing works of Renaissance master Michelangelo that bring colorful scenes to life across the ceiling and walls.

Explore Narrow Cobblestone Alleyways of Trastevere

This quaint neighborhood lies on the west bank “beyond the Tiber,” just south of the Vatican City. The Trastevere hosts scenic cobblestone streets and plenty of cafes and pubs where the locals dine on delicious Roman dishes paired with wine. Trastevere is home to charming medieval structures and churches built with elegance to include one of the oldest churches in Rome — the beautiful Basilica of Our Lady Santa Maria, with stunning mosaics and statuary.

When in Rome, relax the pace and wander the streets to stumble upon the beauty of this eternal city. It’s best to choose from hotels in Rome near the ancient sites of the oldest neighborhoods for easy access to top attractions. Rest easy with the wonders of Rome just outside the hotel window.

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