Hipmunk City Love: The Historic Splendor of Vienna Awaits

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The city of Vienna paints a rich cultural crossroads in the heart of Central Europe. It once stood bustling hub along the Danube to connect trade routes of East and West and remains one of the most awe-inspiring Austrian cities of historical significance. Explore the old sites and grand architectural structures from stately palaces and theatres to elegant churches and cathedrals built with refinement.

Step through the Old Sites along Ringstrasse

Start a tour through Vienna with a look at some of the oldest structures in the Ringstrasse. This road circles the old city center to host many of the top cultural attractions between structures dedicated to the arts and an abundance of green parks like Volksgarten and Rathauspark found along these streets. A walk along Ringstrasse includes a long list of government buildings, the university, Mozart on lineup at the Opera House, and even the Sigmund Freud Museum—a tribute to the man of psychoanalysis who once lived here. Other famous names along this route with statues dedicated to Goethe and Strauss.

Wander through the Past at the Historic City Center

Explore the historic city center and UNESCO World Heritage Site for traces of Roman influence, medieval buildings and masterful architecture. St. Stephen’s Cathedral remains the centerpiece of Stephansplatz, and towers over the town with spires of grandeur and medieval Gothic-style roof. Take a step beneath the church for a look at the catacombs within the medieval mausoleum for an eerie venture into the tombs of the old city. Much of the most recent churches of the Historic City Center are worth a look and can be spotted built in Baroque-style with excellent acoustics for concerts.

See Art and Masterworks at the Museum Quarter

Head to the Museum Quarter within the Historic City Center for a look at the artifacts and art that distinguish the various eras of Vienna. The Kunsthistorisches Museum also known as the Museum of Fine Arts is a great place to start. It’s full of paintings and collections from the Habsburg’s private stash to include a fine list of masterworks. Leopold Museum and the Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation Vienna (MUMOK) complete a look at art through the ages with exhibitions of modern Austrian works.

Explore the Grounds of Vast Royal Palaces

Vienna was once a city of noble names, and monumental palaces can be found throughout. To see two vast Baroque palaces in once grand space, head to Orangery and Palace Stables at the Belvedere. Step through the wrought iron gates, museum exhibitions of art and culture, and elegant Baroque landscaping in the gardens. More spectacular sights can be found at the Hofburg (Imperial Palace) and the Schoenbrunn Palace and gardens—the former Imperial summer home.

Vienna is a place of majestic wonders in palaces and old structures scattered throughout the city’s museums and sites of the old Historic Center. The historic wonders of this city’s past can be explored best with hotels in Vienna near Ringstrasse. Be ambitious and take off with a flight to Vienna, where the elegance and splendor of the old city awaits.

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