Hipmunk City Love: Venice is Best from the Canals

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The stunning city of Venice is best seen from the canals. Explore the waterways that set picture-perfect scenes along Venetian architecture and bridges for an atmosphere of romance and intimate splendor. Set sail with a gondola or boat ride to some of the top sights around the city.

Stunning Architecture at Piazza San Marco

Venice holds one of the most famous squares in the world — Piazza San Marco or Saint Mark’s Square built from elegant marble. It was once the city center through the centuries and now remains one the most scenic spots around town. That’s because from its center, the most gorgeous structures can be seen towering above with Byzantine style at Basilica di San Marco to the stately appearance of Venetian Doge’s Palace and the stunning Renaissance Clock tower lined with zodiac symbolism. For the best views of Saint Mark’s Square, visit in the morning and evening for less crowds.

Gondola Ride to the Bridge of Sighs

The gondolas are a prized way to catch a ride around Venice. Drift beneath beautiful bridges and explore the waterways that make Venice such a unique place in Italy. A traditional gondola ride lasts 40 minutes, and the vessel itself offers an intimate experience with only six people per boat. Pass beneath the Bridge of Sighs for the kiss that grants eternal love. It’s also tradition for the gondolier to sing, but some just play music to set the mood instead. A Gondola Ride down backstreet canals after dark makes for the most romantic escape under the moonlight.

Relax in Quieter Scenes in Dorsoduro

A great place to seek out a hotel is none other than Dorsoduro—a quieter scene away from the busy city streets. This less crowded area of town hosts a world of authentic Italian shops, fine dining options and art galleries throughout. Choose from Venice hotels in Dorsoduro for a good night’s rest in between sightseeing. Dorsoduro is a place where the locals come to unwind, so it’s full of authentic Venetian flavor. Sit out and relax on a café terrace for a sip of wine while enjoying scenes as people pass along these streets.

Boat to Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal

One of the top ways to see the architecture in Venice is from the Grand Canal. Set off on a boat while the sun sets for the most amazing experience out over the water — complete with picture perfect scenes from the canal. This ride is a local treasure filled with magnificent views of the homes, arched passages like Rialto Bridge, and structures that line the Venetian waterways. Many hop a boat in the early morning instead with a coffee in hand to wake up to golden waters and stunning canal views.

A trip to this picturesque Italian city holds the most amazing scenes of glimmering waterways set for romance. A boat or gondola ride puts guests at ease between sightseeing the galleries and piazzas throughout. No doubt, the canals are the best way to see Venice.

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