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Road Trip–Moving to Florida Soon

With a few fond travel memories of Florida–Universal Studios, Disney World and swimming with the manatees–I’m about to make my return to this popular travel destination. Just in time for some premium subtropical sunshine, which means I’ll be ready to bust out the hats, sunglasses and hunt down a safe brand of sunscreen, lest feel the burn!

clearwater, floridaMany of those who have fair skin find that sunscreens irritate the face (this is my main qualm with them–and probably due to all the extra chemicals they like to thrown in), so good thing there’s GoodGuide to rate each sunscreen by the ingredients. I use this to look up all kinds of products, and you might be surprised to find some things you regularly use on your skin, hair and face are actually not so good for your health.

Nevertheless, I’m terribly excited to see the sun! Winter is hard on this ginger. Plus, it gives me an excuse to bust out my favorite hats.

More than anything else, I can’t wait to get out and travel! I want to see everything Florida has to offer–and am especially interested in architecture, historic cities like St. Augustine, Coral Castle (Built using the secret of the Pyramids? Perhaps…), the Keys, a NASA launch at Kennedy Space Center and maybe even a hop over to Cuba. I find that it’s important to dream big when it comes to traveling.

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