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Travel Destinations: Athens, Greece

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The city of Athens holds some of the greatest treasures in ancient Greek arts and culture. Atop the acropolis the warm Mediterranean breeze blows with views overlooking the sea. Plan a visit to the Parthenon dedicated to goddess Athena, the patron deity of the city. Museums hold artifacts from ancient times and ruins of the temples, a forum and ancient structures such as the Library of Hadrian are found scattered through the streets.

What to See: Explore historical sites at the Acropolis, Academy of Athens with statues of Socrates and Plato, and the Roman Forum with Greek Temple of Winds and Mosque of Mohammad. There are plenty of historical museums and art galleries throughout the city, and a trip the surrounding islands opens up stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

What to Eat: Delicious treats are available in the markets and shops from baklava to chocolates, and street food offers a cheap way to eat on fry-filled gyros with Greek yoghurt Tzsatziki (for less than 2 Euros!). Athens remains one of the best places for fresh Calamari, traditionally paired with a drink of Ouzo.

Don’t Miss: The markets are a must when traveling to Athens! Be sure to stop by the Central Market or┬áMonastiraki Flea Market for an amazing selection of gastronomical delights and local items for sale. Bring back a bottle of Greek olive oil for a delicious souvenir.

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